1000 Projects delivered in over 120 years

At its core, quality to Concor means meeting or exceeding each project’s scope of work to the satisfaction of our clients. To achieve this Concor early on in its projects:

Defines and share acceptance criteria by:

  • Complying with code standards,
  • Meeting all manufacturers’ specifications,
  • Conforming to our clients contract specifications and
  • Meeting each project-specific quality standards.

Creates planning for inspecting materials and processes from factory to site and in situ.

  • Our inspection process’s allows us to determine whether a specific task has been completed to specification.

Proactively identifies any possible deficiency and prevents reoccurrence by:  

  • Early and clearly identifying any issue, 
  • Taking responsibility and correcting any issue as well as
  • Documenting the correction.

In this manner, the highest levels of quality are achieved on all our projects. Our quality management system is certified against ISO 9001 for all areas of our operations with a dedicated team of quality personnel ensuring continuous compliance to this standard.

Concor has several patents registered for improving its activities:

  • ZA8405461B         Shuttering improvements
  • ZA8108855B         Min support sub uniting
  • ZA8007094B         Dumper vehicles and bodies
  • GB2013823A        Apparatus for burying pipelines, cables etc.
  • ZA7403626B         Structural elements
  • ZA7307135B         Flexible linings
  • ZA7004129B         Improvements in or relating to paving blocks
  • ZA7004128B         Improvements in paving blocks

Quality Management Track Record

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