Enterprise & Supplier Development

Concor understands that building a business entails challenges and levels of untold sacrifices, before reaping any benefits. With this in mind, we have developed an Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme that is designed to contribute significantly to the transformation of the construction industry, through the development and advancement of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). Our mandate is operationalised through an integrated programme which seeks to support, develop and mentor SMMEs, thus providing a solid springboard from which they can enhance their capabilities, grow their businesses and successfully compete in the market. Established in 2010, the Concor ESD programme is implemented as a 5-year mentorship and training programme. The programme is self-funding and leverages time and resources of Concor employees and associated professionals to provide skills transfer and support as follows:

  • General mentorship and coaching
  • Specialised technical training
  • Financial management and human resources training
  • Access to office space, administrative support and transport
  • Subsidised leasing of plant and equipment

Concor does not provide financial assistance or loans to ESD beneficiaries, but assists by facilitating access to financial institutions, provides references for beneficiaries and provides surety around future work. Concor also facilitates access to networking opportunities, exposing ESD beneficiaries to potential clients and suppliers. Programme implementation is decentralised and relies on support from all business units. The mentorship programme is informed by the specific development needs of beneficiaries, and mentors are assigned if they have the requisite skills, areas of specialisation and based on their availability. Concor commits in excess of R70 million to the programme annually, which is calculated as a percentage of the mentor’s salary and the number of hours committed per month.

Skills Development

Concor, through its Employee Development initiatives, is committed to the development of the organisation as a whole. This is achieved through ongoing education, training and development of all employees, in line with business objectives and professional development needs. Skills development and training opportunities are also extended to selected beneficiaries in line with organisational demands, as well as legislative requirements and industry best practise. Concor offers professional development, managerial and leadership programmes in support of individual and/or operational business needs as follows.

Graduate Mentorship Programme The Graduate Mentorship Programme (GMP) assists graduates with the transition from university to the working environment. The GMP is aimed at formalising and guiding the transfer of technical, leadership and management skills from mentors (experienced professionals within our business) to mentees (new graduates). The GMP includes an induction into the organisation, followed by 4 training blocks over a 24 month period. This programme also assists mentees to complete portfolios required for professional registration with relevant councils, upon completion of the GMP or during the course of their careers.

Management Development Programme Management Development Programmes are geared towards Concor employees with potential to advance to management or existing managers requiring support or career advancement. Three programmes (Next Manager, Managing for Results and Managing Managers) are offered and implemented in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

Digital Learning Programmes (E-learning) Concor also recently introduced digital learning programmes for senior staff. Digital learning programmes allows the company to offer world class training, without the disruption of travel time and extended periods away from work. Senior staff are enrolled with the Wits Digital Campus and courses include inter alia, Project Management and Financial Management of business operations.

Investing in the Future

Go for Gold Concor is also committed to addressing skills shortages within the industry and unemployment in the country. Through a partnership with Go for Gold (GfG), we currently support 22 students who have an interest in construction and the built environment. Go for Gold implements a four-phase programme which commences in secondary school and is completed when students are finally employed within sponsor companies. Of the 22 students being supported, 10 are currently in grade 12 while the remaining 12 have been absorbed into Concor Buildings and Concor Infrastructure. These students are completing their learnerships as part of GfG’s phase 2 programme, before commencing with their tertiary studies. Work-Readiness Training & Work-Based Learning Through a partnership with the National Business Initiative and the Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, Concor supports Work-Readiness Training (WRT) and Work-Based Learning (WBL) programmes which are aimed at preparing TVET college students for integration into the world of work. Following the 3 month WRT at Harambee, students are absorbed onto project sites to undertake a 9 month learnerships. Concor supports a minimum of 2 students per annum.

Socio-Economic Development

Concor has a solid track record as a good corporate citizen. We engage in social upliftment activities aimed at alleviating poverty, redressing inequalities of the past and contributing towards the development of engineering and built environment professionals required to sustain infrastructure development and economic growth in the future. The Group has adopted a Socio-Economic Development (SED) policy which forms the basis for engagement with development stakeholders and guides implementation of appropriate programmes. In alignment with the Construction Sector Code, Concor’s SED programme has a dual focus, prioritising funding for both structured and community engagement programmes.

Structured SED programmes

  • Corporate Social Investment Focuses exclusively on education and skills development, across the education pipeline. Funding is prioritised for programmes that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Investment in STEM assists in sparking interest in the engineering and the built environment, contributes to creating a steady pipeline of talent for our business, and addresses critical skills shortages within our industry as a whole.
  • Sikhulisa Fund The Sikhulisa Fund represents Concor’s longstanding social upliftment and employee involvement programme. Sikhulisa means ‘to nurture’ and for over 50 years, Concor employees have nurtured growth, development and opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children across South Africa. Through the Sikhulisa Fund, employees are encouraged and supported to make voluntary, payroll-giving contributions which are donated to non-governmental organisations. Concor provides matched funding to the initiative, thus supplementing funds raised by employees.

Community Engagement Programmes Due to Concor’s vast geographical footprint, we encounter numerous communities in need of support. With the support of community liaison officers, we are able to identify and establish relationships with key stakeholders, undertake needs assessments and partner with local suppliers and service providers to address community needs. We provide funding to cover basic renovation or refurbishment costs, sports equipment and basic skills training. Discretionary funding within these communities also assists in building relationships with key clients and community leaders and has also garnered support for our employees and project infrastructure.

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