Concor has a solid track record as a good corporate citizen. We engage in social upliftment activities aimed at alleviating poverty, redressing inequalities of the past and contributing towards the development of engineering and built environment professionals required to sustain infrastructure development and economic growth in the future. The Group has adopted a Socio-Economic Development (SED) policy which forms the basis for engagement with development stakeholders and guides implementation of appropriate programmes. In alignment with the Construction Sector Code, Concor’s SED programme has a dual focus, prioritising funding for both structured and community engagement programmes.

SED Strategy

Concor’s SED programme is geared towards providing holistic support and engagement across all phases of the education and training pipeline, while simultaneously addressing issues of poverty, unemployment and economic growth. The SED strategy prioritises education, skills development and support for communities with limited services. Concor has operationalised three core programmes to support programme implementation:

Socio-Economic Development

Funding is prioritised for both structured programmes and Communities Limited Services.

Structured programmes

Focused on fewer, structured programmes that are funded over longer periods. Concor has a bias towards education focusing specifically on literacy and numeracy development and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”). Investment in STEM sparks interest in construction and the built environment; improves access to and success in this sector, creates a steady pipeline of future talent into our business and addresses critical skills shortages within our industry as a whole.

Communities with Limited Services

Due to Concor’s vast geographical footprint, we encounter numerous communities in need of support. With the support of community liaison officers, we are able to identify and establish relationships with key stakeholders, undertake needs assessments and partner with local suppliers and service providers to address community needs.

Corporate Social Investment

Discretionary Funding

Once-off donations assists in building relationships with key clients and stakeholder groups in communities, and goes a long way in safeguarding our employees and assets, and enhancing our visibility and reputation in these communities. Discretionary funding is allocated in support of smaller projects based on identified needs that are aligned to the overall strategy and focus areas.

 Sikhulisa Fund

Represents Concor’s flagship Employee Community Involvement (ECI) programme through which employees make voluntary contributions from their salaries in support of community development.. Funds raised through the Sikhulisa Fund are donated to charitable organisations that serve the needs and interest of vulnerable children across the country. Through the Sikhukisa Fund, Concor also enables employee volunteering opportunities in partnership with partner organisations.

SED Focus Areas

Structured Programmes

  • Early Childhood Development Numeracy & Literacy development; ECD Practitioner training; ECD resources
  • Primary & Secondary Education Educator training; Curriculum development and delivery; Systemic school improvement programmes; Learner tuition and mentoring in core subjects of Science, Technology, English and Mathematics; Learning and teaching resources.
  • Tertiary Education & Training Industry or education related academic research; Student engagement and site exposure.

Corporate Social Investment

  • Community skills training
  • Capacity building
  • Educational resource
  • School or community nutrition programmes
  • Resources for orphans, vulnerable children or children at risk


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