Construction and mining are high risk industries, where the potential for risk and injury are significantly higher than in other industries. Concor recognises that we have both a legal and ethical obligation to ensure that our operations do not result in negative impacts and to safeguard our employees. We also recognise that Occupational Health and Safety extends beyond our employees, therefore encompassing our obligation to other participants involved on our projects, communities and the environment as a whole.

Zero Harm drives our strategy and response to HSE initiatives, supported by strong leadership, continuous motivation, ongoing education and empowerment of our employees. The Concor HSE strategy is informed by the Group’s values and reinforced through a company-wide HSE awareness philosophy – Stop.Think.Act!


Visible Felt Leadership

Concor understands the role of management as change agents and facilitators of our safety culture. How we act, re-act and manage ourselves has a direct impact on how our people in Concor take decisions, prioritise and act. This felt leadership from management leads our people at all levels to understand and “feel” our leaders’ high standards, and accept their strong commitment to safety as non-negotiable.

Major Incident Prevention Programme

Concor recognizes that by focusing mainly on low injury rates does not necessarily equate to zero fatalities. In order to address known fatal risks, Concor has implemented its Major Incident Prevention (M.I.P.) Programme, which concentrates efforts on the verification of critical controls by supervisors in the field. M.I.P. analyses pathways where fatalities might occur and where direct intervention can prevent a Major Incident Event (M.I.E.) from occurring.

M.I.P is easily adapted to any project or work site and by capturing the lessons learnt back into M.I.P, it continuously locks future improvements.

Collaboration with stakeholders

Concor is a proud and active member of Master Builders, SAFCEC, the SACPCMP and the CIDB, all non-profit organisations aimed at improving, safety of all construction industry stakeholders through the free exchange and sharing of information.

Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate – FY12 to FY19

Occupational Health & Wellness

Concor values its employees and implements appropriate programmes which are designed to support and assist employees in balancing work-life demands. Through the Wellness@Work initiative, Concor offers both on and offsite support services to employees and their immediate families, including but not limited to:

  • Free, confidential support and trauma counselling services
  • Health and wellness screening
  • Health risk assessments
  • Medical surveillance
  • Executive medicals


Concor aspires to Zero Harm in all aspects of its business including the natural environment in which it operates. Concor has established practices to prevent and mitigate pollution emanating from our industrial processes and this knowledge is expanded on and spread to all projects.  We have developed critical environmental standards to ensure environmental performance against which risks and opportunities can be assessed and managed. In addition, we have developed several performance strategies to limit our use of or manage:

  • water
  • energy consumption
  • process waste and
  • prevention of pollution to water, air and land.

Climate Change:

Concor acknowledges that climate change is a major threat facing us and we are committed to making a determined effort to operate in an ever more efficient and sustainable manner.

Legal Compliance:

Our clients EMPs and Environmental Authorisations are embedded in our daily processes to ensure our operations constantly understand their obligations to our legal commitments. In addition to this we also ensure our operations are legally assessed annually.

Environmental Management Track Record:

16 on Bree – Incorporation of Historic Façade

Dainfern Square – Noise management from power floats

De Aar Wind Farm – Working on biodiverse mountain

Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm – Working in fynbos habitat

Skukuza Lodge Hotel – Protecting indigenous trees on site

Mtunzini Highway – Working in a wetland habitat

Colchester Bridge – Working in riverine environment

BCX Head Office – 4 Star Green Building Commercial

Streatley Student Accommodation First residential EDGE building

Portside – 5 Star Green building skyscraper

Port Alfred Road- Threathened species in a works area

N4 Oliphants River Bridge – Working in riverine environment

Loeriesfontein Wind Farm – Working in a sensitive desert habitat

Khobab Wind Farm -Ecological sensitivity and low carbon concretes

Ganyesa Road – Working in a sensitive desert habitat

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