Meticulous coordination by Concor on the Oxford Parks Phase 2 project facilitated the smooth and simultaneous construction of the different buildings and was one of the reasons Concor won the Building Contractor category at Construction World’s Best Projects 2020. The project was also acknowledged with a Highly Commended Award in the AfriSam Innovation Award in Sustainable Construction.


Oxford Parks is a focal point along Oxford Road in Rosebank and on completion will house five buildings on a master basement structure. The buildings are designed to complement each other, fitting together in a jigsaw puzzle configuration to optimise usage of this prime precinct.


The project includes Building 2 – Life Healthcare’s new 10 000 m2 head office, Building 3 – a 4 000 m2 multi-tenanted building housing inter alia Metier Private Equity and G+D Currency Technology and Building 5 – 3 400 m2 offices for Arup and Sony Music.


Construction work of Building 5 started in February 2019. Initially designed as a three-storey structure, these plans were modified to meet requirements of the tenants, Arup and Sony. An additional slab was added to accommodate a private entertainment area, as well as recording studios on the fourth level.


A number of energy-saving and sustainability features were incorporated on this project. A waste management system maximises recycling, while the buildings feature elements such as air-cooled systems to eliminate water usage, primary variable flow pumping, distributed digital control for central comfort monitoring, load control under standby conditions and linear diffusion to isolate the solar loads. Unique external façades provide aesthetic interest to the individual buildings and optimise energy usage.


The COVID lockdown added new challenges, but through Concor’s commitment to its values, one of which is care, the contractor is still producing an upmarket and modern product while demonstrating care towards all parties on site.


Concor has clearly confirmed its agility value by ensuring practical completion (PC) dates were achieved as per the contract despite construction delays, mitigating additional costs.


Both Sony and Arup engineers have taken occupation of Building 5 which was completed on time. Tenants in Buildings 3 took official occupation on 1 September 2020, a week earlier than the extended practical completion date. Tenant installation in Building 2 started on 10 August 2020 with all other floor level handovers on track with practical completion on 2 November 2020.


Progressive snagging ensured that works were signed off as completed by each trade thus minimising the snag list once the buildings are complete.


Oxford Parks Phase 2 is another project to be added to Concor Building’s impressive portfolio of successful projects.


Lifecare’s new head office features performance-glazed façades that provide added benefits in terms of energy usage of the buildings.

Building 5, which houses Arup and Sony, has a unique fitted curtain wall installation with tree patterns.

The buildings, designed to complement each other, fit together in a jigsaw puzzle configuration, proportionately occupying the site to optimise the usage of this prime precinct.

The first level of Building 3 extends onto a cantilevered slab which forms a portion of the new Parks Boulevard, the new spine road of the Oxford Parks precinct.