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Murray & Roberts proves it can on fast track refurb contract (Engineering News)

Working to exact measurements, a fast-track construction programme, unprecedented rainfall, operating within 100 metres of a premier Sandton Hotel and having two tight site boundaries are a few of the challenges faced by leading building contractor, Murray & Roberts Buildings, on its contract at 135 West Street in the heart of Sandton. The seven month contract will see Murray & Roberts Buildings convert an existing office block into a 218 room luxury hotel. A [...]

Concor Infrastructure showcases engineering excellence on complex road contract (Engineering News)

Concor Infrastructure is currently constructing one of the largest road infrastructure developments undertaken by its client, the South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL,) in KwaZulu-Natal. It is constructing 33 km of dual carriageway on the N2 between the Mtunzini Toll Plaza and Empangeni T-junction on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast. The new carriageway being constructed will become the new north bound highway. Once this section of highway is complete the construction team will divert [...]

Name change but solid foundation at SA’s construction icon (Construction World)

There is a ‘new’ name on South Africa’s construction landscape, as Concor Infrastructure raises its flag over the edifice of Murray & Roberts Infrastructure, following the recent acquisition of the Murray & Roberts Infrastructure and Building Platform by a consortium led by the Southern Palace Group. The name, of course, is not new at all, with the history of the Concor business dating back nearly 70 years to its establishment in 1948. The remarkable success [...]

Strong legacy means exciting future for Concor Western Cape (Cape Business News)

With a number of projects on the go and a strong legacy on which to build future business, things are looking bright for Concor Western Cape. Concor Western Cape, formerly known as Murray & Roberts Western Cape, has embraced its name change following its recent acquisition, along with a number of other Murray & Roberts assets, by a consortium led by the Southern Palace Group. Mark Fugard, managing director of Concor Western Cape, says [...]

Change of ownership and company name

The sale of the Murray & Roberts’ Infrastructure and Buildings businesses (“Murray & Roberts Construction”) was unconditionally concluded and transferred to a consortium led by [...]