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Eastgate Harvests Rainwater to Boost Sustainability

Leading black-owned contractor Concor is constructing facilities to harvest and treat rainwater and groundwater at Eastgate Shopping Centre, adding to the centre’s sustainability and reducing its vulnerability to water outages.   The new facility comprises two segmented steel tanks capable of storing about 200,000 litres of water. Rainwater runoff from the roof top parking area – which currently runs into the city’s stormwater drains – will be piped into these tanks. This will be supplemented [...]

Localised Infrastructure Upliftment with Local Community Participation

Local infrastructure development isn't just about laying roads or erecting bridges; it's about creating sustainable avenues for growth, development and integration. The localised upliftment of local road infrastructure connected to the Msikaba bridge Project is a shining example of how infrastructure can be a catalyst for community transformation.   Bridging Gaps - Literally and Figuratively Laurence Savage, Project Director for the Concor Moto-Engil Joint Venture (CMEJV) – the main contractor – says the primary intention [...]

Concor conquers rocky terrain forging access for Phezukomoya Wind Energy Facility

Constructing wind energy facilities on mountains presents unique challenges, particularly in terms of accessing the construction sites. The Phezukomoya Wind Energy Facility, situated near Noupoort on the boundary of the Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces, faced such challenges during its start of its construction.   Concor, in partnership with Murray & Roberts OptiPower, forms part of the consortium responsible for the Phezukomoya Wind Energy Facility. The consortium was awarded contracts to construct the [...]

Exciting milestone achieved by Concor at Conradie Park Development

oncor's landmark R3 billion Conradie Park development has successfully completed over 800 homes, an exciting milestone in this ambitious project set to deliver approximately 4,000 homes upon completion. Mark Schonrock, Property Development Executive at Concor, says the achievement fuels the creation of a sustainable community within the development, a critical part of the Conradie Park vision.   The development, which began in January 2020, completed its first phase with the occupation of the Greenmarket complex [...]

Spires Shoot Skyward as Msikaba Bridge Advances

The pylon spires of South Africa’s Msikaba Bridge mega project are on their way up, soon to tower almost 130 metres high at each side of the near 200m deep river gorge.   For Laurence Savage, Concor’s Project Director on this contract, this momentous phase will reveal the sheer grace of the Msikaba Bridge design, and the awesome scale of the development. The Msikaba Bridge forms part of the South African National Roads Agency [...]

Quality Systems Underpin Concor’s Build-To-Last Approach

Quality construction is the foundation upon which infrastructure and buildings can stand the test of time, providing the most value for all stakeholders including clients, users, and the broader economy.   David Akinnusi, Quality Manager at leading black-owned contractor Concor Construction, highlights that this principle is at the core of the company’s build-to-last philosophy. With its track record of more than 150 years of construction experience, Concor continues to imbed quality through its depth of [...]

Concor expands Eastgate Shopping Centre Solar Capacity

As South African businesses embrace the power of renewable energy, leading black owned contractor Concor is busy on another solar project that will contribute to a more sustainable future.   The project will add another 5.74MW (4,75 MWac) to the already existing 1MW solar power plant at Eastgate Shopping Centre in Johannesburg. This project aligns with Liberty 2 Degrees' execution of its Net Zero 2030 targets, both reducing energy reliance from the grid as well [...]

Construction of Trevenna Basement well underway by Concor

South African construction major, Concor was appointed as the principal contractor on the Public Investment Corporation (PIC)’s Trevenna basement project in Sunnyside, Pretoria. The basement project is a precursor for A-grade office buildings in the Trevenna Office campus.   According to Martin Muller, Senior Contracts Director at Concor, the contract is part of a multi-phase development at the Trevenna Campus and started shortly after the major earthworks were completed. Concor will carry out the first [...]

Massive Anchor Blocks Underpin Msikaba Project

The four massive concrete blocks that anchor the Msikaba Bridge in the Eastern Cape are key components of this iconic project, being built by the Concor-Mota Engil Joint Venture (CME JV).   According to Concor’s project director, Laurence Savage, the blocks represent the engineering on which everything else rests. “Since they are largely buried structures, they tend to be overshadowed by other, more dramatic, elements of the bridge, such as the 127 m high concrete [...]

KENDAL gets new Ash Disposal Facility for a compliant future

Eskom’s Kendal power station near Ogies is having its ash disposal facility (ADF) expanded in a multi-faceted contract by joint venture partners Concor and Lubocon Civils.   The project, says Concor contracts manager Pierre van Vuuren, will ensure that the new ash disposal facility is environmentally compliant with South Africa’s environmental regulations. The continuous ADF will store the ash generated by Kendal until 2032.   “At the centre of the project is the lined ADF, [...]

Iconic Msikaba Bridge Makes Steady Progress

Construction of the Msikaba Bridge near Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape – which started in earnest in late 2019 – is advancing steadily and the project should be complete in the last quarter of 2024.   The Msikaba Bridge, which will span the 198 m deep Msikaba River gorge, forms part of the South African National Roads Agency Limited’s (SANRAL) N2 Wild Coast project and is being constructed by the CME JV, a partnership between [...]

Stream diversion allows Ash Dump Expansion at Kendal

Preparing the way for expanding the Ash Disposal Facility (ADF) at Eskom’s Kendal power station, a 3 km stream diversion has been completed by a joint venture of Concor and Lubocon Civils.   The diversion was part of the joint venture’s contract to add 65 hectares to the ADF footprint, giving the power station the necessary ash disposal capacity for the future. According to Concor contracts manager Pierre van Vuuren, the new stream is about [...]

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