oncor’s landmark R3 billion Conradie Park development has successfully completed over 800 homes, an exciting milestone in this ambitious project set to deliver approximately 4,000 homes upon completion. Mark Schonrock, Property Development Executive at Concor, says the achievement fuels the creation of a sustainable community within the development, a critical part of the Conradie Park vision.


The development, which began in January 2020, completed its first phase with the occupation of the Greenmarket complex comprising 432 units by January 2022. The following buildings, named after key Western Cape landmarks, Paarl Rock and Boulders, were occupied in September and December 2022, respectively. Construction of the next buildings, Silvermine and Kings Blockhouse, are currently underway and fast nearing completion.


The project has demonstrated innovation in building technology, incorporating city regulations such as constructing outside the 1-in-100-year flood line. This led to the creation of an engineered berm alongside Elsieskraal canal, blending functionality and aesthetics, creating a grandeur linear park for the Precinct. The buildings’ platforms were also raised to ensure safety against potential flooding.


Coming milestones for 2023 include the completion of the 91-unit Silvermine residential building, Kings Blockhouse, and four blocks of affordable rental accommodations. The largest node of the Conradie Park development, a mixed-use centre featuring 10,000 square meters of retail space, a 2,300 square metre gym complex, and 550 unit residential blocks is also on the horizon.


Upon completion of these upcoming developments, Conradie Park will house approximately 2,000 living units, marking the halfway point towards its goal of providing 4,000 new homes to the Cape Town community.

Construction of Silvermine, which will be completed this year, underway.

A view towards Grand Park with its  iconic water tower from where all irrigation in the precinct is fed.

A view over Conradie Park with completed apartment blocks with over 700 families already settled in.