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Concor in complex HVAC Installation AT Eastgate

To allow Eastgate Shopping Centre in Gauteng to upgrade its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) facilities for greater energy and water efficiency, Concor is carefully strengthening the structure on which the heavy new chillers will rest.   Concor Contract Manager Martin Muller explains that the HVAC system is located on top of a building [...]


Kendal ASH Disposal Facility Nears Completion

The Kendal Ash Disposal Facility expansion project, responsible for the storage of ash produced by Kendal Power Station until 2023, has successfully reached over 80% completion. With a projected completion date set for March 2024, this intricate venture is rapidly approaching its final stages.   Led by joint venture partners Concor and Lubocon Civils, the [...]


Concor clinches Construction World Best Projects Awards for two projects

Concor' s name has long been associated with Construction World's Best Projects with numerous of the company's projects, both in infrastructure and the built environment, winning accolades over the past 22 years since the inception of this prestigious awards platform. This year has been no different with two of the three projects entered by [...]


Shopping goes on at Eastgate while Concor adds more Solar Power

The addition of another 5,74 MW of solar power at Eastgate Shopping Centre, east of Johannesburg, is being undertaken by leading black-owned contractor Concor, while keeping the movement of tenants and shoppers unaffected.   The solar panels to generate this power will cover 30,000 square metres of the centre’s roof top, according to Concor Contract [...]


Eastgate Harvests Rainwater to Boost Sustainability

Leading black-owned contractor Concor is constructing facilities to harvest and treat rainwater and groundwater at Eastgate Shopping Centre, adding to the centre’s sustainability and reducing its vulnerability to water outages.   The new facility comprises two segmented steel tanks capable of storing about 200,000 litres of water. Rainwater runoff from the roof top parking area [...]


Localised Infrastructure Upliftment with Local Community Participation

Local infrastructure development isn't just about laying roads or erecting bridges; it's about creating sustainable avenues for growth, development and integration. The localised upliftment of local road infrastructure connected to the Msikaba bridge Project is a shining example of how infrastructure can be a catalyst for community transformation.   Bridging Gaps - Literally and Figuratively [...]


Concor conquers rocky terrain forging access for Phezukomoya Wind Energy Facility

Constructing wind energy facilities on mountains presents unique challenges, particularly in terms of accessing the construction sites. The Phezukomoya Wind Energy Facility, situated near Noupoort on the boundary of the Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces, faced such challenges during its start of its construction.   Concor, in partnership with Murray & Roberts OptiPower, [...]


Exciting milestone achieved by Concor at Conradie Park Development

oncor's landmark R3 billion Conradie Park development has successfully completed over 800 homes, an exciting milestone in this ambitious project set to deliver approximately 4,000 homes upon completion. Mark Schonrock, Property Development Executive at Concor, says the achievement fuels the creation of a sustainable community within the development, a critical part of the Conradie Park [...]


Spires Shoot Skyward as Msikaba Bridge Advances

The pylon spires of South Africa’s Msikaba Bridge mega project are on their way up, soon to tower almost 130 metres high at each side of the near 200m deep river gorge.   For Laurence Savage, Concor’s Project Director on this contract, this momentous phase will reveal the sheer grace of the Msikaba Bridge [...]


Quality Systems Underpin Concor’s Build-To-Last Approach

Quality construction is the foundation upon which infrastructure and buildings can stand the test of time, providing the most value for all stakeholders including clients, users, and the broader economy.   David Akinnusi, Quality Manager at leading black-owned contractor Concor Construction, highlights that this principle is at the core of the company’s build-to-last philosophy. With [...]

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