Purpose & Vision

Our core purpose is to provide infrastructure for the development of communities in which we operate.
Our vision is to be the leading, diversified infrastructure group focused on South Africa and selected African countries.


By leveraging a unique combination of our heritage, our status as a South African based black owned company, our valued team of talented employees and our diverse range of capabilities, Concor aims to diversify and grow in a sustainable way to become the leading building and infrastructure services group in South Africa and selected African countries, and thereby create stakeholder value.


Concor’s values guide behaviour and conduct and ensure alignment of the behaviour of all Concor employees.

    We demonstrate care for:

  • Our people by prioritising their health, wellbeing and safety above all else;
  • Our community and the environment by engaging local people and minimising the potentially negative impacts of our activities, promoting sustainable solutions and positively contributing to broader society.

We create trust by:

  • Living our values and conducting our business honestly and ethically; and
  • Empowering employees and ensuring openness between employees, teams, clients and partners.

We demonstrate delivery by:

  • Meeting commitments to clients in terms of time, budget, quality and innovative solutions; and
  • Taking responsibility for our actions and ensuring we deliver on what we promised.

We demonstrate agility by:

  • Being flexible, innovative and responding to change;
  • Continuously reassessing and learning; and
  • Simplifying systems and focusing on people and results.

We demonstrate teamwork by:

  • Nurturing strong relationships with employees, clients, partners and communities; and
  • Building empowered work teams based on respect, dignity, diversity, and learning and development.